Joseph Egan, James Bishop, Richard Tuttle, Jerry Zeniuk, Andreas Christen,
Giulio Paolini, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Glen Rubsamen, David Rabinowitch,
Robert Mangold, Rita McBride, Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Fred Sandback, Donald Judd

Exhibition (Summerbreak) in the Annemarie Verna Gallery, September 10 to 28, 2002

Fifteen of the gallery's artists are represented with works in this network. The network is what binds them, like the gallery that represents them. Fortunately, it is right here that things start getting more complex. There is no overall link in terms of the aims and objectives of style, tendency or topicality. Rather, one perceives a common mentality. This sustained and quite normative atmosphere is created by the spatial presence and dialogue between the works. The time horizon here is measured quite generously. The works were produced between 1968 and 2002, covering multiple generations of artists. Considering the age of the gallery – thirty-three years, after all – one can speak of substantial biography.

What furthermore links the artists is their approach to their works. The form is diverse and differentiated, in many cases defying assignation to a traditional category. In those instances where this is easily possible, one is nevertheless surprised by an intriguing ambivalence of time and style. Precision and indistinctness are the bookends for this engaging and provocative show, which could also serve as the blueprint for an ideal collection. 

Gianfranco Verna