Artists of the gallery – A succession of works and artists

October 8 to December 19, 2020

The first exhibition of new paintings by Robert Mangold in our gallery dates back to the year 1973. In 1977 we hosted an inaugural showing of Sylvia Plimack Mangold with an impressive group of works that had only just been created.

Over the following decades, representative solo exhibitions were regularly held. Friends of the gallery thus had the opportunity to follow the enthralling creative paths of these two painters. Their independent and autonomous bodies of work attest to an immense and fundamental artistic achievement, marked by constancy and transformation.
Our group exhibition presents paintings and works on paper from different creative phases.

The two “Ripped Paper Pieces”, created by Sol LeWitt in 1973 and 1975, make reference to the extensive recent publication by Dieter Schwarz. It comprehensively, precisely and knowledgeably documents this little known work group, which exemplifies the conceptual approach of the 1970s.
The book “Sol LeWitt – Folds & Rips” demonstrates that concepts can lead to a compelling wealth of inventions and discoveries. A gouache by the artist from 1997 shows that Sol LeWitt was able to reintegrate and transform the formal ideas from that time in the group of “Irregular Shapes”.

The current presentation includes further works by artists of the gallery, constituting a thoroughly valid representation of each individual creator's artistic stance.

Visitors will encounter works by James Bishop, Joseph Egan, Richard Francisco, Robert Mangold, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Sol LeWitt, Glen Rubsamen and Richard Tuttle.

Over the coming months, the exhibition will undergo further changes.

The exhibition can be viewed upon prior arrangement via e-mail or by calling our office. We are happy to make an appointment: or 044 201 32 35


Sol LeWitt (1928–2007)
A Wall Drawing Retrospective
Yale University Art Gallery and Williams College Museum of Art
November 16, 2008 – 2033

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