Gallerynote 1/2023

January 18 to February 24, 2023

Artists of the Gallery

Until February 24 the gallery's four showrooms are hosting the works of four artists. A common feature connects these groups of works. The viewer is supposed to enter the picture sequences, as it were, to allow the picture stories time and attention.

Untitled, 1988, testifies in a small space to the possibilities Andreas Christen gained by using epoxy for his work. In contrast to the elaborate production of his early monoforms from polyester, the works made of epoxy consist of a certain number of interconnected identical modules. These cast modules could be used as positive and negative molds. This resulted in dense, moving structures of horizontals, verticals, diagonals, and inclined planes, which in their cropped nature point to a potential extension beyond the visible object.

Two works by Richard Tuttle are hosted in the second room. “Gold” from 2001 is a five-part suite of etchings that only reveals its particular appeal and mystery when read in the specified sequence. “Poem” (2010) can be described as a momentous and substantial ten-part work. It comprises ten drawings in frames individually finished by the artist.

The third room is entirely devoted to the drawing work of Dan Flavin. The small-format etchings were created in 1978 and reveal a little-known and unexpected side of the artist. They demonstrate the artist’s virtuosity as well as his interest in and knowledge of art history, especially drawing. The sheets in the series “... in March, in Oakland” are dedicated to Francesco Guardi and “Second Sails” to James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

The second naturally lit room is the right place to view the works by Jerry Zeniuk, consisting of painting that is literally about painting. Entering into the differentiated and diverse pictorial happenings is a prerequisite for discovering the painterly sensations that these works have to offer.

A watercolor from 1977 by Giorgio Griffa and “Buongiorno!”, a new work by Joseph Egan, make a beautiful addition to the three individual presentations.


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Exhibitions / Insight

INSIGHT #3 spotlights the graphic work of Fred Sandback through three examples from 1974 and 1982.


Sol LeWitt (1928–2007)
A Wall Drawing Retrospective
Yale University Art Gallery and Williams College Museum of Art
November 16, 2008 – 2033

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