Paintings on paper (80th)

James Bishop

Paintings on paper (80th)

22 x 27.5 cm, 128 pages with colored images

The catalog was published on the occasion of the artist's 80th birthday and the exhibitions in the Staatlichen Graphischen Sammlung München (Pinakothek der Moderne), the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Publisher: Heinz Liesbrock und Michael Semff

© 2007 James Bishop and authors, Staatliche Graphische Sammlung München, Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop, The Art Institute of Chicago, Richter Verlag Düsseldorf

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 Paintings on paper (80th)
Paintings 1963–1986

Paintings 1963–1986

Size: 21 x 26 cm, 32 pages with large sized colored images
The catalog is published in conjunction with the exhibitions in the Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich:
Part I  March 28 to May 13, 2006
Part II September 7 to October 28, 2006
Photography: Thomas Cugini, Zurich
Translation: Julia Thorson, Zurich
Print: Druckzentrum Schütz AG, Sellenbüren

Publisher: Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich

© 2006 by James Bishop and
Annemarie Verna Gallery

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 Paintings 1963–1986
James Bishop

James Bishop

The catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition «James Bishop»
David Zwirner, New York, September 6 – October 25, 2014; organized in collaboration with Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zürich

24 x 30,5 cm, 80 pages

David Zwirner Books
New York, NY, USA

All artwork © 2015 James Bishop
Publication © 2015 David Zwirner Books

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ISBN: 978-1-941701-03-4
CHF (folgt)
 James Bishop
Paintings on Paper

Paintings on Paper

Size: 24.5 x 30.5 cm
160 pages with numerous colored pictures

Texts by Erich Franz, Molly Warnock, Michael Semff

Design and production:
Sieveking Verlag, Munich

Michael Semff, Gianfranco Verna

© 2018 Sieveking Verlag, Munich
© 2018 James Bishop and authors

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ISBN: 978-3-944874-72-2
CHF 56.00
 Paintings on Paper  Paintings on Paper