Gallerynote 1/2006

January 21 to March 11, 2006

GLEN RUBSAMEN 'Pigeon Key and The Seven Mile Bridge'
In 1999, the Mai 36 and Annemarie Verna galleries jointly undertook a project to present eight artists at the two locations that convey an idea of the diversity and internationality of the current art scene with their work.

It was through this that Glen Rubsamen, born in 1957 in the USA, entered our field of vision. The continued joint interest in this work led to an intensive collaboration with the artist. Numerous group exhibitions have since featured the complex and memorable paintings of this differentiated and intelligent painter. In the year 2003, a solo presentation at Galerie Mai 36 met with great interest.

A number of good and first and foremost artistic reasons have compelled us to mount a major thematic show on Neptunstrasse and Rämistrasse in the coming weeks. With enthusiasm and intensity, Glen Rubsamen has developed this cycle of works that moreover relate to the unusual character of the gallery spaces on Neptunstrasse.

'Pigeon Key and The Seven Mile Bridge' is the title of this exhibition. It refers to a small island and a long viaduct in Florida.
Behind the lovely appearance of the paintings lie finely interwoven levels of meaning and interpretation rich with allusions, a hidden commentary as it were.

Corresponding to the two gallery locations and premises, the exhibition is subdivided into two chapters that are quite different from one another and that constitute the two halves of a greater whole.

Consider please the text of Glen Rubsamen about 'Pigeon Key and The Seven Mile Bridge'.

We are pleased to present a new publication on the work of Glen Rubsamen in the two galleries:
Glen Rubsamen: Those Useless Trees,
2005, english, 136 pages, 103 illustrations in color,
24 x 24 cm, bound with dust jacket